Saturday, 22 September 2007

Random Doodles

I'm just posting some random doodles up here right now. Some of them were done recently, some were done a little while ago.
The first picture is a self-portrait of myself. At the time I drew the second picture I had just purchased a book on Warner Brothers Art and so I tried drawing some of my characters in the style of the great artists in the book. Some are mimicking Chuck Jones in Style and some are mimicking Bob Clampet.
These are just some Bob heads I did, trying to see how horrible I could make his teeth.
The dancing triplets I just doodled because I wanted to draw a pretty girls. Also, I found out that conjoined triplets exist and I thought Hmmm.
Finally, this Doodleboy page featuring a fight between Doodleboy and Negative. I haven't had much practice with comic layouts, so I mimicked a page from Dragonball Z. I can't remember which page now, but I know it's in the fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta.

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