Sunday, 30 September 2007



Today I shall be putting some of my doodles up on the blog. I hope you enjoy them. The one above for example is just some random doodles of my characters I did. Some of these doodles could be a year old, some will be more recent.

This is an expressions sheet of Baby Boo Boo based on a series of Stitch expressions I got out of a Lilo and Stitch book. I felt this was o.k as on the Lilo and Stitch Special Edition DVD, Alex Kuperscmidt said "Let's face it, we will never be as good as these guys, so we might as well use it".

This early watercolour of The Toons was my first practice at watercolour. They have change a little since this picture.

These are a couple of Doodleboy action poses based on the man of steel.

This picture is a early watercolour of stitch-bag ( I really need to think of a better name). As you can see, the floppy bit at the back of his head was much shorter. Actually, when he was originally drawn it didn't exist but it kept getting longer. It ended currently being the one below, complete with Naruto-Esq smoke.

Thanks for looking.

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