Sunday, 23 February 2014

Start College again on the 3rd

I start at London School of Business and Finance again on the 3rd March. Exams already booked for the first week in June. The whole process starts all over again. I've pretty much given up on the animation at the moment. One has to realise somethings are probably just not going to happen (sorry younger me).

Anyway this is a running joke with my friends starting with Donkey Kong Country Returns. The sequel is out so Super Al Land Returns is also getting a sequel.

I inked up my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic picture. You still wanna make something of it.

Since the internet made such a higgeldy piggeldy about the Sonic Boom designs, I thought what I would do. Let me explain a few things. 
1. They have more clothes (Sonic hide your shame)
2. I gave tails an aviator's jacket because he's a pilot.
3. Knuckles is taller as it creates a better dynamic but I didn't make him as beefy, more athletic. He also has a neck because it looks a bit silly otherwise.
4. Sonic's still got the scarf to cover his nose and mouth to stop dust flying in at 328 mph. A similar reason for the ski googles.
5. Amy's hair has been curled up for style and she has lip's now. The ribbon's are just because I like them.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Maya Modelling and Rigging Not found Success

I really tried hard the last month to try to model and rig a few characters for animation purposes. I know people get sick of seeing the same rigs on reels and I really tried, using a lot of tutorial from a website called Rigging 101. 
I learnt a lot. That being said I'm still not a modeller or a rigger (I don't enjoy it much) and even though these are to the best of my abilities they just do not come up to level expected for a professional reel. I am quite disappointed that I wasted all this time. 
Now I really don't know what to do with animation. To be quite honest, my heart has not really been in it for a while. After endless job rejections and starting accountancy as a back up because of all those rejections,  it's hard to get motivated to animate.

Last night doodles

Some doodles from last night.

Yes I drew My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I wanted to draw something cute and this is most definitely a cute show. Lauren Faust definitely knows how to design something cute. You got a problem with that.

These are practices faces for female characters designed to be on the level of a feature animated production. This was tough.

Some more design concept's for that little girl scarecrow character I'm thinking about. Still got no story as of yet which is a problem.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I passed my exams

I passed the three ACCA exans I did last December.  74% in F4, 81% in F5 and 66% in F7. 3 more down, 8 to go.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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Disney Infinity Inspired

I was inspired by the artwork of Disney Infinity (Really enjoying that game, the toy-box is very relaxing) to draw and paint some of my characters in that style. It's took a few days and here is the result. I'm not entirely sure it worked but I tried my best. From right to left is Doodleboy, the Prof, Fingers, Tag the Bunny, Diggory Sparrow, Brianna Bunsworth, Kalei and Stitchbag.

The ink line version of the characters.

Some of the images I had drawn previously a few months before. For the picture I decided to add three more characters.

A Scarecrow and his daughter

Some designs for Stitchbag's daughter as a possible idea for a children's book.

This image was inspired in look by the style of the images seen in the ending credits of Tangled (love that film).

Some pencil concepts.

Coloured in some old ink sketches

I coloured in some old ink sketches.

For Tony White's 2D Liberation Book.

For Craig McCracken.

Just some cartoony girls