Monday, 24 September 2007



I'm going to switch completely off topic today and talk about Maths. For any of you you read my profile, who will know that I did do a BA in Mathematics at Imperial College. If this seems odd, it is the reason that I am good at both science and art and enjoy both. My real passion is off-course animation and that is what I want to do. However, to hold me in good stead for the future and to not waste a scientific mind, I decided to get a Maths degree first. That way if the animation ever went sour, like crippling arthritis in my index fingers for example, I would always find something to fall back on.

You know those people who say Maths is hard at university? That's because it is, it's really hard. However, if you have an interest in Maths I don't think that should stop you doing it. Maths is a bit general term anyway as when you diverge in many specific areas of Maths.

I got a great sense of achievement when I completed the course. Anyway, just thought I mention it.

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