Saturday, 15 September 2007

Characetrs that appear in animatic

I just thought I'd give you a brief description of the three characters that make up the 2D animatic I did.

The first one is Tag the bunny. He's a rabbit of the classic cartoon variety. His brain resides on the just on the smart side of screwy. When not starring in cartoons, he resides in Toon Town where he has to deal with his everyday life.

The second is Baby Boo Boo. A cute, curious but not too bright baby, he always manages to get himself into trouble mainly because he doesn't know any better.His name gives a clue to where this trouble usually leads.
The final one is Doodleboy. A child's drawing brought to life by a machine called THE ANIMATOR, he is the world's greatest and mightiest superhero. Brave and quite able to throw a punch, he is still a child at heart and enjoys having fun.
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