Monday, 18 February 2013

Watch "Walt Disney/Sherman Bros." on YouTube

Model Sheets

My final redesign of Doodleboy

The biggest criticism I have gotten of my animation show reel from people (especially Walt Disney Animation) was that they get bored with seeing the same rigs. So I thought the best idea was to model some characters to animate later. I don't model and rig very often but I going to have to try. I think it's going to be difficult. Some T-pose model sheets I created for the cast of the Animation Station

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Books Finished

My book is finished. Sent it off to a lot of publishers. Hopefully get some positive feedback.
I had my first two weeks of my accounting course. The maths is simple enough, it's remembering all the terminology and what to do in different situations.

On advice of my brother I redesigned Doodleboy. He's two dimensional now.

Different girls