Sunday, 30 September 2007

Fan Art

Rabbids, the best video game characters ever, next to Earthworm Jim.

I am going to put some fan art up here. This is obviously a small selection of the fan art I draw. Some are just pencil sketches, some are inked and some are in colour. Now I know that fan art should be your drawing/version of the character that you as the artist interprets and I do do that, but I believe that the one's I have made-up are not as good as the ones that have been inspired by a previous image. Anyway here goes.

I got a great figure for my birthday of Mickey Mouse dressed as a Jedi with Yoda, both wielding light sabres and I just had to draw a picture based on it. It was from the Star Tours attraction in Disneyland Resort Paris. Yoda is based here on the design from the Cartoon Network Star Wars show.

This picture is just a variety of my favourite characters that I doodled on a piece of paper. All these characters are great, but I think I watched a good episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that day.

This is just some doodles I did on an envelope that I scanned into the computer. I admit some are better than others.

Here's Kim, Ron and Rufus. I think this show is terrific and it is such a shame it had to end. We still haven't seen the finale series here in England yet.

This is a Lilo and Stitch picture I did based on a Chris Sanders storyboard. His style is great and this picture is so cute.

Here's some drawings of Taz. Taz is cool.

I wanted to put a superhero picture up on the blog, so I chose this one, done in Bruce Timm's style (which is incredible by the way). Batman the animated series is incredible.

I love title cards, and the title cards to Danny Phantom are terrific. This one is from the episode Kindred Spirits.

Thanks for looking Bye.

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