Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Daryl-Rhys Taylor's Tribute to Only Fools and Horses

Hey again, this is my tribute to what I consider to be the funniest sitcom of all time Only Fools and Horses. John Sullivan is a comic mastermind and the performances of David Jason and Nicholas Lynhurst as Del and Rodney are terrific. It has some of the funniest comic moments ever period.

I designed this Alien whose short with long arms as I thought it would be funny. His face was a bit different, but then I saw Lilo and Stitch ( great film) and I borrowed the Chris Sanders mouth.

I wanted to do a dialogue scene but, as I was pressed for time, didn't want to animate two characters. That's why Trigger is represented as a cylinder. I thought it was funny. Foster's is in the background because I think that show is great.

I did IK on the arms as I wanted lots of joints but I think I messed it up a bit. I didn't want to do big, wild poses as Rodney's dialogue isn't very loud but I wanted the lines to be hit and the poses to be read. That is why the poses a kept still for longer.

Again if sound is a problem I apologise. I have included some model sheets. This video is also up on Youtube.

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