Monday, 3 December 2007

New Fan Art

Well, Here some new Fan Art I have done over the past term, in my spare time of course. I can 100% guarantee that none of these are copied. Hope you like them.

First up is Spidey. I like drawing Spidey, as he is different from the other superheroes as he is skinny and you can push his body into wild contorting poses. This makes him real fun to draw. The only pain is all the detail his costume requires.

Here's a small picture of Bloo and Mac. Not really much to say about it.

I call this picture "I shall now hide in my pants". I love this show.

Kim, Ron and Rufus. Kim's head can be a little bit difficult to draw, to get those eyes and that upper lip mouth looking good is tricky.

I love drawing Goofy and Donald. Personally I fell Goofy is underrated as a cartoon star. He is the best character to work with for pure animation, his cartoons are hilarious and he has had possibly the biggest career of the Disney stars.

Mickey and Bugs. I really like this picture, even though I am not quite sure what they are looking at.

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Michael said...

Liked the Baby Boo Boo illustrations. Was considering doing a childrens book for grandson. Any other than that shown available?