Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Maya Modelling and Rigging Not found Success

I really tried hard the last month to try to model and rig a few characters for animation purposes. I know people get sick of seeing the same rigs on reels and I really tried, using a lot of tutorial from a website called Rigging 101. 
I learnt a lot. That being said I'm still not a modeller or a rigger (I don't enjoy it much) and even though these are to the best of my abilities they just do not come up to level expected for a professional reel. I am quite disappointed that I wasted all this time. 
Now I really don't know what to do with animation. To be quite honest, my heart has not really been in it for a while. After endless job rejections and starting accountancy as a back up because of all those rejections,  it's hard to get motivated to animate.

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