Friday, 13 June 2014

Exams all over so doodles

Well as of last Friday my exams have all been finished (results on 8th August) so I have been able to upload some of my doodles.

These are just some sketches for possible sequels to my children's book "Diggory Sparrow and the Isle of Quakapooka".

These are just some villain concepts for Doodleboy idea.

I love the style of Disney Infinity so I thought could it be applied to other characters. I tried to pick four pretty popular ones to test it on.

I enjoy reading "Harpy-Gee" by Brianne Drouhard on so I drew this quick picture to show my appreciation.

Whilst revising for my exams I couldn't help but postulate some ideas for another children's book. Since the last one catered more towards boys, I thought I try coming up with something that catered more towards girls.

These are the three queens of the kingdom.

Some alternate colours for the main three girls.

The main three girls.

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