Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Doodles for later projects, Revising for ACCA exams and revisiting my student film

Currently I have been busy revising for my ACCA exams. I have them on my brothers birthday and I get my results on mine. Oh goody. Anyway I've managed to find some time to draw.

These below are to accompany the CG Models I have been modelling in Maya in my spare time, for animation purposes in my showreel.

A model sheet of my character Stitchbag. Copyright me.

So its been about five years and i decided to look at my student film. Boy its a bit rubbish. All i can see is things that i cut and things i cheaped out on to get it finished and also the things i did just plain wrong. Like trying to have an explaination story to what should have been a one joke film. Having two many characters. Having educational bit. Having two much lead up into the joke and not enough resolution afterwards. And fibally why did i make in 2D when the rest of my course was CG.

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