Thursday, 8 November 2012

10 piece portfolio submission for Chris Oately's review

Here are my 10 pieces that I am submitting for Chris Oately's Portfolio review this Saturday.

Go to his website Chris Oately and sign up.

Hamster character design I did for a Tom Bancroft Challenge

Hanna-Barabera styled character designs I did for Droomwevers Charitable Euro ABCD project.

Kappa designs I did for a friends indie video game

Little girl Gorilla pose designs I did for a London Zoo project at college

Designs I did for a book I illustrated for "The Koncept factory" called "The Booger Monster"

Character designs for my own children's book "Diggory Sparrow".

Designs for an internet ad for "Oxford media Solutions"

Designs for a pitch to Too Cool Cartoons.

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