Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Colouring Practice plus images from the Internet

Well, I'm in full swing on working on my children's book idea. I have a story that works, page descriptions and character names so to practice colouring in I drew this up. It represents my four ideas

Tag the bunny from "Animation Station" - a series of short cartoons about a bunch of odd characters putting together an internet show (Heh if people can do it, why can't cartoon characters)

Doodleboy from "Doodleboy and The T-Squad" - an all ages superhero comic about a living child's doodle and a bunch of cartoon powered brothers who fight against the strangest things from imagination.

Stitchbag from "Grim Soldiers" - A side scrolling beat-em up game about a scarecrow, brought to life by the grim reaper, to stop the god of chaos from destroying all reality


Diggory Sparrow from Diggory Sparrow and the Isle of Quakamakapooka - My children's book idea set in 1936 about mysterious islands and houses that turn into planes.

An image for tellywebtoons British Art collaboration on deviant-art. These two I last drew when I was in college.

I was told by Disney that my drawings were too Nickelodeon/ Cartoon Network, not feature designs so to practice I drew up this quick Glen Keane-esque bad girl.

A new character Timothy the Tyrannosaurus Rex

I don't usually do this but I couldn't resist posting up this images. It's so true.

"It's kinda of fun to do the impossible" - Walt Disney

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