Sunday, 29 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim finish and other drawings

DeviantArt has got a contest to design the 8Th evil ex for Scott Pilgrim. This is my entry. I know it's not coloured and I will get to that but I wanted to make sure I was entered first. I tried very hard to design within the style of Bryan Lee O'Malley. Her name is Abigail Abacus. She met Ramona in college as a maths student. She thought she was dating Ramona, Ramona didn't really think they were.She fights Scott using her psychic maths powers. She'll crunch numbers on Scott's face.

See I told you I would colour it.

The Toons redesign in colour. I wanted to give them matching uniforms so you could easily identify them as a team and brothers, but have different colours so you could individually identify them,. You know the Teenage mutant ninja turtle thing.

This is a drawing of ktschy character from her comic strip. I enjoy the comic, and since this character is a caricature of herself, I guess I just drew a portrait of her. Anyway it was a lot of fun to draw and I think it turned out pretty cute.

This is one for Andrew Dickman. I always enjoy looking at his work so I wanted to draw this picture of his characters Happy Face and Clang for him.

Some drawings for a friends work in progress game.

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