Monday, 21 June 2010

Runners job at Passion PIctures and Animation Station Storyboard Reels

Firstly some good news. I have got a trial day as a runner at Passion Pictures this Wednesday. Hopefully this will lead to something. I'm quite nervous.

Secondly my pal Simon has edited my storyboards for the first three episodes of Animation Station. There is no sound but it should give you a general idea. We are of course re-writing some of these. No idea is perfect.

I was going to put them up here but they are mp4 files and they didn't seem to work right when I uploaded them.

I converted it into a quicktime file.

Does anyone remember ages ago I was doing work on the logo for Trisori Limited. Well it went nowhere. But I did something for it so I used it to practice in flash. This is strictly a practice walk cycle. I know I made it wrong in flash, but practice makes perfect right.

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