Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What I have been up to?

During the last few weeks, as well as working on a new reel and applying for jobs, I have also been doing specific tests for internships. I didn't want to put anything up here until after the due date in case someone stole my idea, but now I can.

My entry into a Disney Interatcive studios internship. We had to come up with a game concept for an Alice in Wonderland game, based on the new Time Burton movie. We could present our concept in any way we wanted, so I chose to do an animatic. I decided that a Alice in Wonderland game should be an sandbox stealth action puzzle game. Like a cross between Sly Cooper and Escape from Monkey Island.

I also working on a story internship for Blue Sky Studios where we have to draw a storyboard in less than 60 panels about a cat stuck in a tree. I post about that after the due date in April.

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