Thursday, 11 February 2010

Life Drawing and Doodles

Here is some Life Drawing practice I did of Top Gear yesterday. Guess which one is Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

I recently joined a great group called DAC on deviantart. They submit character design challenges. It's really good. Here is my entry for this weeks challenge.

As an aspiring animator I thought it would be good to practice drawing other peoples characters on model and on style. So I took some characters I liked from comics and such, drew them in different poses and tried to get them on model as best as I can. I hope I did well.

Yenny by Dave Alvarez

Wander over Yonder by Craig McCracken and Galaxy Girls by Lauren Faust
Kiskaloo by Chris Sanders

Dumm Comics, Big Pants Mouse by Gabe Swarr, Skadi by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican, Forg Racoon Strawberry by Kyle A. Carooza and John Berry
Dead Duck by J. P. Fosgitt
Alcatraz High by Bobby Rubio

Bastion 7 by Sean Galloway

Apart from that I'm just working on some more animations for my reel, doing some promotional artwork for it, some life drawing and trying to find a job. Sam old, Same old.

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