Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Comparison Charts

I have been working on these comparison charts in my spare time for each of my ideas.

A comparison chart for my Animation Station Idea. A large group of fired cartoon characters from across the world set up their own live nightly internet show. The idea cronicles the adventures of making the show.
Unknown to each other, two groups of superheroes live in the same building in London. One is a childs drawing brought to live as the ultimate superhero, the other four brothers who recieve awesome cartoon like powers. The comic follows both of their adventures fighting animated crime.

Ancient Greek Amulets and a lake of toxic waste give three very different girls super powers but only when they merge into a single warrior. They must overcome their differences and work together.

Many years ago the King of the Grim reapers and his loyal rag tag group of soldiers fended off a renegade dinosaur army that was trying to obtain the book of the dead. Said book was then buried by the king in an unknown location. Many yeays later the king is kidnapped by a race of alien chickens wanting to know the location of the book. Only his trusted soldiers can come out of retirement and stop them.

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