Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Doodles

Here are some drawings I have been doing to pass the time whilst working on my new show reel and looking for jobs.

The first are some supporting characters based on Darwin Cooke's New Frontier and The Gilmore Girls.

I wanted to give the Toons and Doodleboy the air of the fifties, a time of optimism, which I love in Darwin Cooke's The New Frontier, so I redesigned them. I then saw this image in the back of the Up art book and decided to create this picture.

Chris Sanders had produced a tutorial on deviantart which was very helpful of him. It is important for animators to be able to draw in different styles so I used it to practice Chris Sander's style. The three witches in the middle are a copy, the two on the outside are me designing in his style.

Pocahontas and Cornelius

Just some random doodles.

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