Sunday, 9 March 2008

Holidays and Doodles


College has ended for a while and I am on break now, so I thought it is time to update this old thing. Before I talk about what I did this term, (next post I promise), I would like to put some doodles up I have done during my spare time. So here they are:

This first one is a nice drawing of the two characters I created over Christmas. These designs might change as I am thinking of using them in a project next term.

These are some Tag the bunny expressions. I got that NickToons book over Christmas, great book, and have tried to get better at doing exaggerated Ren and Stimpy expressions.

I wanted to practice how to do comic panels so I copied a Dragonball and Dragonball Z page, using Doodleboy. Arranging comic panels is an art in itself.

Here is the new design of Baby Boo Boo, I shortened the arms to make him cuter.

Here is a picture of Bob. I haven't drawn him for a while, but I decided to turn his eyes black and pupils white, like the Joker in Batman the animated series. What do you think?

This is the only piece of Fan Art here. I read on Jerry Beck's website Cartoon Brew that they are making a Japanese Stitch TV show. Huh?

Here are the girls again. I've been using Tom Bancroft's character design book for help.

I've tried to get a more comic book look to the Toons in this picture.

Here's the new design for Stitchbag. The one arm is cool. He needs a better name though.

Hope you like it.

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