Friday, 13 June 2008


Just some drawings I have done in my spare time.

CV, Showreel and Rave on Air

Here is a cop of my CV and Showreel.

This is artwork produced for Rave On Air.

This is a Model of Doodleboy I made for a pet project.
I hope to animate something with these two rigs.

New Videos

Here are some new videos I have just posted on YouTube.

The first one is the accumulation of the CVA 205 unit at Ravensbourne. Go to for more information. I am quite pleased with it.

The last two are just re-dos of my old drawn animation for my show reel.

A Bunny and His Idiot

Baby with an unpleasant feeling

Friday, 6 June 2008

ROA Big Success

Well, ROA was apparently a big success yesterday. It's a bit weird, and an oddly tiring experience. Our exhibition got some excellent responses and my advert got shown a couple of times, even though I did not see it. Overall, good practice for the degree show.