Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dance Test Animation


Here are just some of the Dance Animation tests, I have improved on since I last posted it up. I learned to give weight to the character, you have to put the foot down at the exact places. So you have to measure the stride and see how many steps the character would take to cover the distance you want him/her to do. This way you can figure out how frames each step will take. It's difficult.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

CVA 204 Blog


I have posted a lot of intesting work that I am doing this term on my CVA204 blog. Please go over and have a look.

I am also busy researching for my contextual studies presentation. I am dreading this, I hate talking in public and we are being filmed. I am doing my 10 minute presentation on Nicktoons and how it change television cartoons. So I am examining cartoons in the eighties, Transformers etc, and how Nicktoons change that.

Still haven't got the live-action footage yet.

I hope I get everything done in time.

See ya.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Hi, Just writing in. Had to film a lot of live-action today. Tiring. Thought you might like these pictures.

See ya.

Thursday, 10 January 2008


Well, we have to set up a new blog for CVA 204 so here's the address:

This is the course were we have to follow a brief and perfect the areas we want to work in.

Should be interesting and most likely a lot of hard work.

Friday, 4 January 2008


Well, College starts again on Monday and I have a another nine weeks of animation training. Next term, as well as doing that 10 minute group presentation for Contextual Studies that I am so looking forward to (sarcasm), I also have Post Production Operations and Industry Exercises. This last one sounds very interesting, because it allows you to perfect the two areas you want to specialise in, be it 2D conceptualisation, animation, 3D modelling or 3D texturing. Animation for me thank you.Just a couple of things I've done this week. I managed to find o my laptop some of my drawings for the drawn animation I put up before Christmas, so I though I will post them up here.

Over the holiday I have been looking at some tutorials, mostly Keith Lango tutorials that my friend Tony Trimmer gave me. Thanks Tony. So as well as life drawing practice, this week I decided to put some of these to practice. I don't want to specialise in Lighting per say, but it is probably good to know the basics so I experimented with Final Gathering in these pictures.The one on the top left is with the Maya default Lighting, the other with Final Gathering. On the bottom is the same thing with Toon effects applied.

Using the bloke rig again, I decided to do a timing and posing test. I really wanted to get strong poses that read clearly here and get good timing. It's by no means finished, as I don't have the time, I need to add anticipations, overlapping and fix the walking a bit, but it gives the general idea. It's supposed to be a vaudeville dance number, like the opening of the old Bugs Bunny show that I have seen on those Looney Tunes DVDs. I don't know if I will ever finish it though.

Finally, I would just like to say what a great film the Jungle Book is. I can see why so many animators like it so much. I wish I could animate as good as that.

Post again soon.